About HomeAdvisor

Founded: 1999

Headquarters: Golden, Colorado

Marketing Services Offered: Pay-Per-Lead, Online Directory Listings, Website Profile

Pros Served: Home services professionals (including home improvement contractors, roofing contractors, siding contractors, electricians, plumbers, and remodeling contractors)

More About HomeAdvisor: HomeAdvisor helps millions of homeowners find high-quality home improvement contractors. That’s why professionals rely on HomeAdvisor to find quality leads and new prospective customers. Grow your business with the help of HomeAdvisor. It’s easy to get started!

You Decide What Leads You Want. Contractors can control what type of leads they want. You have the opportunity to set your lead type preferences and service area. You will only pay for the leads that match your desired preferences.

You Control The Budget. Don’t worry about your spend getting out of control. You can manage your account settings online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Access Tools to Grow Your Business. HomeAdvisor offers additional products to help contractors stay competitive, reach new customers, and win more jobs.

HomeAdvisor Questions & Answers

How does HomeAdvisor work?

HomeAdvisor matches quality contractors with homeowners who are looking to complete home improvement projects. First, HomeAdvisor collects information about the homeowner’s project. Then, they use their patented technology to identify local professionals who may be interested in completing the project. If there’s a match, HomeAdvisor sends the homeowner's contact information to the contractor. It’s then up to the professional to contact the customer and win the job.

Do I have control over the leads I receive?

You can log in and edit your account settings online anytime you want. This is where you will set your zip code preferences and select your service types. You will only be matched with jobs that correspond with your desired preferences. You can also control budget by editing your spend targets. Sign up today to learn more!

Does HomeAdvsior offer any tools to manage my leads?

Yes, HomeAdvisor provides a number of free tools to help professionals better manage their businesses. You will have the opportunity to manage your leads and connect with prospective customers all in one place. If you have a smart phone, you can also access HomeAdvisor’s mobile app wherever you go.

How much do HomeAdvisor leads cost?

Lead prices will vary based on your industry and your geographic location. Contractors can set a budget to control the cost, and they are only charged for the leads that they receive.

How do I join HomeAdvisor?

All you need to do is click the "Learn More" button below. We will connect you with a HomeAdvisor representative.