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How Do I Get More Handyman Leads?

service at a reasonable price, people will talk. In time, a continuous stream of referral business will come your way. The best part? These leads are free! The simplest way for a handyman to get more quality leads is to do great work and provide first-rate customer service! When you provide a valuable

What is a Handyman Lead?

A handyman lead is a prospective customer who is actively searching to hire a handyman. They may have one specific project in mind or a number of smaller odd-jobs. The lead usually includes the customer’s name, phone number, and a description of the task at hand.

A lead can be captured in a number of different ways. You can generate leads through a contact form on your website or you may be even consider buying them from a lead provider.

Where Can Handyman Services Buy Leads?

There are more than a few options to consider when buying handyman leads. That’s why it’s so important that you do your research before signing up with any particular company. For example, how long has the company been in business? Does the lead generation company have a good reputation in the industry? How do they qualify their handyman leads? Do they sell each lead more than one time? Will you have to sign a long-term contract? Are there any sign-up or cancellation fees involved?

Once you are satisfied with the answers to these questions, go ahead and try it out. Many of these handyman lead services offer a no-obligation free trial. If it doesn’t work out, you can always try another one.

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How Does It Really Work?

The lead generation service finds local customers who are actively looking to hire a handyman or complete a home improvement project. Essentially, they do the marketing on your behalf.

When they find a customer in your local area, they will send you an email or text message with that prospect’s contact information. It will then be up to you to close the deal! You can give an estimate over the phone or schedule a time to meet up. It’s important to contact each prospect as soon as possible. You want to be the first handyman they hear from (if possible).

Keep in mind that a lead is not a guaranteed sale! Unfortunately, it’s just not possible to close each one. If you at first you don’t succeed, try try again! It may take some time to get your bidding and proposal process down to a science.

How Much Do Handyman Leads Cost?

Handyman leads are priced according to their potential value. In most cases, prices should range from $10 to $20 per lead. The cost of each lead may vary based on a few factors, including your business’ location, the quality of the lead, the competitiveness of the local market, and the level of difficulty of the job.

Are Handyman Leads Worth the Cost?

You might be thinking, “$20 for one lead seems crazy.” Is it really worth the cost? Let’s say you spend $100 on 10 leads (at $10 a piece). You have a killer sales pitch and you are able to close 3 of those 10 leads. A cost per acquisition of $33 is not bad at all! While you may not make a huge profit on those first few jobs, you have the opportunity to turns these one-time buyers into lifetime customers. If you do a great job on the first assignment, surely they will rehire you the next time they need a handyman. Who knows? They may even recommend you to their neighbors and friends. That’s even more new business coming your way.

Are There Different Types of Handyman Leads?

When you sign up with a lead generation service, you will need to let them know exactly what types of jobs that you can do. Leads are often categorized and priced according to the type of project.

A handyman service may be interested in purchasing:

Tile installation and repair leads

Interior and exterior painting leads

TV installation and mounting leads

Flooring installation and repair leads

Pressure washing leads

Deck and fence repair leads

Gutter cleaning leads

Garage door repair leads

Landscaping & leaf cleanup leads

Furniture assembly leads

Carpentry & trim leads

***There may be licensing requirements associated with purchasing certain job leads. Rules & regulations often vary by state.

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